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  • "Michael John Stanley is a closer. I've known and worked with Michael John for almost 20 years. In that time he...Increase group sales at Forest Home in Southern California by 70%.In Maryland at Sandy Cove he reduced time to sale by 300% in two years, while increasing sales by 30%, and reducing the marketing budget by nearly $200k annually! He gets it done."
    Mark P. Fisher
    Founder & CEO, PaineFisher Marketing Group
  • "Wow! Im not sure I have ever had service like this… I'm awed that you are contacting camps on my behalf. All I can say is thank you."
    Nick Ressler
    Associate Pastor Elizabethtown Brethren In Christ Church
  • "Our phone just wasn't ringing, to the point I would call the office to make sure the line was working. Flashpoint Theory and Camp Connection worked with us to create a new website and marketing package to make us more visible to the guest groups. Within the last 6 months we have booked several groups and the phone is back to ringing. Thank you!"
    John Goodenough
    Director, Rock Mountain Bible Camp

Our Camps

  • walnutridgeretreat.com
    Located just an hour from Indianapolis in Morgantown, our Christian Retreat Center in Indiana is the perfect location for youth groups of all sizes. In addition to our lake and being beautifully secluded in the heart of Indiana, our groups absolutely love the spaciousness and woodsy theme of our flagship meeting room Willow Hall.
  • Welcome to the Bongiorno Conference Center. We are located in beautiful Central Pennsylvania just six miles outside of Carlisle Pennsylvania. Our mission is to provide a welcoming venue for our guests to hold a life changing conference, retreat or camp. When you arrive on our campus, you’ll agree, this cathedral of the outdoors is a special place; this is where God transforms lives. I invite you to experience the Bongiorno Conference Center where God turns every day into great days.
  • rockmountainbiblecamp.org
    Since 1996, our Christian Camp, Campground, and Retreat Center in Pennsylvania has been providing opportunities to experience Truth, Community, and Change through Jesus Christ. Engage the Rock Mountain Experience as a church group, family, or camper at our Christian Camp and Retreat Center, Youth & Adventure Programs, and/or Family Campground. We hope you will join us, and engage the experience!
  • laurelville.org
    The one thing that everyone who comes to our Christian Retreat Center agrees on however, is our passion to provide Christ-like hospitality. When you come to our Christian Retreat Center, our goal is to remove any and all distractions, to ensure that you and your group are able to connect with God and each other in such a way, that you return home refreshed and rejuvenated!
  • MSA is passionate about building character in youth, each camper who attends our life-changing programs has the unique opportunity to develop aspects of themselves they may never even have known about before!
  • As a staff, we strive to set the table for God to work by delivering excellent hospitality and situational outdoor fun through specific things like delicious all-you-can-eat buffets, clean comfortable lodging, and over 40 outdoor recreational options to choose from.

Christian Retreat and Conference Centers


How we got here...

The idea for Camp Connection came out of our experience working for larger christian retreat and conference centers. Obviously, larger retreat and conference centers have a lot more resources and can hire more individual talent and spend a lot more money on general marketing, while the little guys are left trying to wear multiple hats and up spreading out their resources too thin. Enter Camp Connection...

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